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Our products and services are valuable for agriculture, industry, and the environment.

In Kenya, where we launched our first operations, we sell under the Farm Star brand.

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Insect feed processing, Evermoto briquettes
Sanergy staff holding many black soldier larva

KuzaPro Insect Protein

KuzaPro is 40% protein, rich in amino acids and fats, and is natural to the diets of chicken, fish, pork, and pets.

It is used either as a key ingredient for feed blends or as a whole kibble.

Production Method: Regen Organics raises Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BFSL) with proprietary recipes using feedstocks that combine locally available residual organics. Once mature, the BSF Larvae are pasteurized and dried. Regen Organics operates a thriving hatchery to maintain optimal production and support other initiatives using BSF larvae.

Environmental Benefit: BSFL protein replaces the need for soya, a monoculture crop that has caused significant deforestation, particularly of the Brazilian rainforest, and for fishmeal, which causes overfishing to the great destruction of marine ecosystems. Local production reduces the dependence on expensive, polluting global supply chains.

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Evergrow Organic Fertilizer

Evergrow is a nutrient-rich, fully decomposed organic fertilizer that is beneficial in both nurturing the soil and enhancing resilience against the impact of climate change.

Regen Organics has two main product lines: Evergrow and Evergrow Gold, the latter is ECOCERT certified – the highest organic certification available. Farmers typically see a 30% increase in crop yields from using these products.

Gentleman staff holding Kuzapro feed

Production Method: Regen Organics undertakes thermophilic co-composting using windrows. Through the process, the feedstocks break down, pathogens are eliminated, and the end product is full of nutrients and minerals with the complexion of rich soil.

Environmental Benefit: Fertile soil is a prerequisite for sustainable agriculture. Indeed, the vast majority of arable land in emerging economies requires the soil to be conditioned for long term health. Organic fertilizer does this effectively, as well as reduces the dependence on mineral fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is also carbon-rich, and can be sequestered in the soil. Local production reduces the dependence on expensive, polluting global supply chains.

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Evermoto Ecofuels

EverMoto ecofuels are sustainably-sourced briquettes that are valuable for powering factories which have boilers and steamers.

Regen Organics sells these to local industry within a 50km radius of production, as well as uses it in-house for our production methods.

Production Method: Regen Organics takes organic materials, particularly frass or residue left over from the BSFL production process, and compresses it into briquettes.

Environmental Benefit: The use of biomass and organic materials reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, which emit hazardous pollutants, and timber, which causes significant deforestation and damages ecosystems. Producing locally reduces transportation needs, thus reducing the environmental impact of using fossil fuels.

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Sanergy gentleman staff holding Evermoto fuels

Each step of Regen Organics’ circular approach offsets or removes carbon and other greenhouse gasses (GHG) from entering into the atmosphere.

Circular Impact Carbon Credits

  • Safe collection and treatment of residual organics prevents the release of harmful GHGs that would occur if organics decomposed in landfills or open dumpsites.

  • Fertilizer sequesters carbon into the soil and reduces the dependence on chemical fertilizers that deplete soil health.

  • Insect protein prevents significant deforestation, particularly of rainforests caused by soya farming.

  • Ecofuels prevent emission of hazardous air pollutants and deforestation for industrial purposes.

Circular economy approach

Our partner, Circular Impact, measures and values Regen Organics’ carbon offsets, which are sold into the carbon markets. This work drives the sustainability of our operations, and contributes to keeping our planet healthy.