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Regen Organics comprises an accomplished 500-person team with deep subject matter expertise, intrinsic curiosity and optimism, global experience and, above all, a relentless commitment to transform agriculture, cities, and communities through circular economy approaches. We are supported by a network of dedicated investors, partners, and board directors. 


Ani Vallabhaneni
Ani Vallabhaneni
Co-founder and CEO
David Auerbach
Co-founder and President
Michael Lwoyelo
Michael Lwoyelo
Managing Director
Tim Egan
Tim Egan
New Tech
Walid Kamal
Walid Kamal
Melody Mitugo
Planning and Analysis
Rizwan Elias
Rizwan Elias
Insect Protein Lead
James Nguyo
James Nguyo
Information Systems
Rony Azegele
Rony Azegele
Catherine Whetstone
Investor Relations and ESG Compliance
Stephanie Atika
Stephanie Atika
Agatha Kihiu
Agatha Kihiu
Talent and Standardisation
Robert Obanda
Robert Obanda
Sales and Distribution
Stefan Roggenhofer
Stefan Rogenhofer
Global Talent
Keith Maru
Keith Maru
Daniel Chege
City Fresh services


Managing Partner, Novastar Ventures
Senior Transactions Lead, AXA Investment Managers
CFO, Anglo American Marketing
Former Expansion Director, Regen Organics
Chief Executive Officer, Sound Agriculture
Co-founder and CEO, Regen Organics
Co-founder and President, Regen Organics



Sustainability at Regen Organics
is driven by our commitment to advance solutions that address food insecurity
and climate change in emerging economies.


We embed ESG into everything we do. We leverage every product we manufacture, every customer reach, and every individual or municipality we work with to build an equitable, clean, and prosperous future.
1. Environmental commitment
All of our operations champion climate-resilient and reduced carbon emission strategies that ultimately repair and foster sustainability of our ecosystem.
2. Social commitment
Regen Organics is committed to embracing diversity in all our engagements and providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and engagement with all our stakeholders.
3. Corporate governance commitment
With integrity at the heart of our values, Regen Organics builds and protects trusted relationships with our customers, partners, shareholders and our people.
Our corporate governance practices provide a framework for operating in our stakeholders’ best interests and the requirements of law. We manage our affairs according to the highest principles of business ethics.


Regen Organics is proud of the recognition we receive from around the world, honoring our achievements in building a prosperous, climate-resilient agricultural sector.
MIT100K Business plan winner
MIT100K Business Plan Winner